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Homeowners who want to sell but do not have a lot of cash to spruce up their properties might consider these tips from Bankrate.com for upgrading a property without spending a fortune.


  • Polish up the kitchen.
  • Add new cabinet door handles, replace lighting and update the faucet set.
  • Unless the cabinets are mica, give them a fresh coat of paint.
  • Order new doors for kitchen appliances.


  • Tidy up the bath. Replace the toilet seat.
  • Clean up the floor with vinyl tiles applied over the old floor.
  • Re-grout the tub and, if the tub is dingy, add a new prefabricated tub and shower surround.


  • Paint the walls.
  • Make all the windows sparkle and refresh the drapes
  • Add closet systems to all the bedrooms, pantry, and entry closets.
  • Hire a plumber and an electrician to fix anything that is loose or that leaks.
  • Clean the carpets or, if they are worn, cover them with area rugs – be sure to price your home accordingly or to offer a carpet bonus to the buyer.
  • Polish the floors
  • Replace ceiling lights with inexpensive but attractive fixtures.
  • Refinish or repaint the front door and replace the hardware.


  • Wash all the windows from outside
  • Wash the deck and the fence
  • Mow the lawn, edge the sidewalks, and mulch all the beds
  • Put two big planters at either side of the front door.

This is a minimum that can be accomplished inexpensively in a few weekends before putting a For Sale sign.

SOURCE: Bankrate.com; REALTOR Magazine

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