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Loudoun County in Virginia held to its designation as the county with the highest MEDIAN household income.

http://www.LoudounTimes.com published a great article on that topic:

“The county has held the top spot, intermittently swapping with neighboring Fairfax County, for the past five years. Loudoun’s median household income totals $119,540 followed by Fairfax County with a median income of $103,010; Howard County, Md., at $101,771; Hunterdon County, N.J., ($97,874); and Arlington County, Va., ($94,986).”

To read the article and the comments visit:    http://www.loudountimes.com/index.php/news/article/economist_loudouns_richest_in_the_nation_designation_an_overstatement454/

NOTE: Loudoun County VA is located in the high cost of living area with high home prices and high taxes, therefore high median household income should NOT necessarily be equated with high median household wealth.

NOTE: Loudoun County MEDIAN household income of $119,540 means that 50% of households earned less than $119,540 in 2011 and 50% of households earned more than $119,540 in 2011 in Loudoun County, VA


SOURCE: LoudounTimes.com

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