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Real estate agents are always bombarded by SPAM email, bogus advertisers who promise that only their companies deliver miracle results and are the best deal around, not to mention the ever pushy viagra marketeers, etc  – we are used to it. It is almost an expected part of our business because our e-mail addresses are so very public.


However, this morning I received an email that established *new bottom* in scamming and brazen, nonchalant white collar crime.


For clarification, MRIS, Metropolitan Regional Information Systems, is the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area MLS, Multiple Listing Service and is used by real estate agents to market and list real estate and homes for sale or rent. The MRIS is available only to member real estate agents and is supported solely by membership fees.


The email I received this morning was sent from Mris.com  <helpdesk@mris.com> which requested a payment needed to upgrade the email to 2.5GB.  

The link included in the email asked for the email address and — the PASSWORD – to the email account so MRIS could upgrade the account. Agents are allowed to have THREE email accounts, so THREE payments would have to be made to upgrade each account …. and of course three passwords disclosed…..


Now, real estate agents are some of the MOST SAVVY, SMART, INTELLIGENT, even SHREWD people that walk on this Earth – one has to be *shrewd* in real estate business. This is the ONLY business where being *shrewd* is actually a VIRTUE, a necessary part of daily life.

Please note that being *shrewd* does NOT prevent one from being HONEST, CARING agent with HIGH level of INTEGRITY.


When I received the email, one look at it told me that it could NOT possibly be a legitimate email sent by MRIS office:

  • our email accounts were upgraded a while ago and are now at a nice size of 2GB
  • I mostly use a KW-email account, so my MRIS accounts have a LOT of memory space left
  • MRIS help desk uses (helpdesk@MRIS.***) …. NOT helpdesk@MRIS.com  – the scam email address did not match address used by helpdesk at MRIS office.


Needless to say, I reported the scam immediately to the MRIS office.  Do you think it should be *hard* to find the crooks responsible for the fraudulent email???

I do NOT think so.  Perhaps someone from FBI would like to earn some brownie points and take interest in this case. Let me know.

But do NOT tell me it is impossible to find those brazen arrogant criminals – white collar criminals – that plague the internet … and get away with a murder. Literally.




—- Webmail Technical Services—–

Dear Mris.com Email Subscriber,

You have exceeded your email quota limit of 450MB and you are advice to expand your email quota limit within 48 hours. You need to upgrade your email quota limit to 2.5GB. You can use the below weblink to upgrade your email account:


Thank you for using our web-mail.

Checkout new features and enhancements with our newly improved and secured webmail.

—-Copyright © 1997-2011 Webmail Technical Services!. All rights



Anyone at the FBI looking to earn some brownie points?

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